When I first started using Github, just like many others I simply  went ahead and forked each and every repository I liked on Github. But  this makes no sense at all.

Fork because the site says “Fork me on Github”

When they say that they are actually asking you to contribute to  their project with code, tests, docs or other stuff at Github. Simply  forking the repo and leaving it like that is no use to them.

Fork to start a completely new project

When we create new products, sometimes it’s easier to start on  something which already exists on Github although the final result is  going to be different. Instead of forking, create a new project.

I think GIthubs Fork is not meant for that. Even if you did,  at a later time, I’m sure you’re going to ask Github support to convert  your repo into a regular one (which also works by the way).

e.g. Android is fork of Linux which started from Linux. But now  it’s something entirely new. Linux is not going to pull changes made by  Android into Linux (I guess)

Fork to fill your Github profile with something

This is just silly. I have seen some people (especially IT students)  do that when they prepare for interviews. It is true that tech companies  are now starting to consider your Github profile as much as your  resume. Instead of unnecessary forking, it’s always better to create new  repositories for small projects we do during studies. Even if it looks  small for us, for someone maybe else that very piece of code is what  they may have been looking for.

Original Post: https://mnmtanish.svbtle.com/when-not-to-fork-on-github