Another ‘Hello World’ to MeteorJS

In this tutorial, I’ll try to walk you through building a simple realtime wall (like a guestbook) where anyone can post messages. And let’s try to do this without using any magic. Install Meteor and Atmosphere Installing Meteor Installing Atmosphere Create new project Just go to the directory you want to create the app and create a new meteor project using following command. meteor create the-wall Feel free to run the meteor app although we haven’t even started coding it yet.
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Organizing files in Meteor

Starting hacking on a project with Meteor is lots of fun. But things can become a mess very easily. Meteor does not have too much restrictions on how to organize our project files but it’ll be useful to know some of its ways. “packages” directory This is where all meteor and atmosphere packages are stored. And it’s a good place to store your own packages. If your projects contain any parts which does not change often and mostly independent from the rest of your project, you can create a package for that.
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